A trainer capable of motivating every player in the right way, achieves more.

We help you as a trainer/coach to act according to the various motivation profiles that your team members have charted for themselves. Players will feel that owing to you they get a grip on their wellbeing and their development. They systematically perform with a ‘Growth Mindset’. Difficulties will be experienced as challenges. Persevering gets to be a pleasure. Drop-out is kept at bay. Ultimately every player will be able to perform at their own highest level.

Players who know their own motivation-identity (Y-dentity), achieve more.

We help your players to chart their own motivation profiles and consistently deal with it. We guide them in propagating their ‘Y-dentity’ to team-members and coaches. This ensures a sports environment where players value each other for who they are. The right recognition brings them into a  ‘Growth Mindset’. Difficulties become challenges and keeping at it gets to be fun. You feel they get a grip on their development and ultimately your players will be able to perform at their best as a team.

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